What Can We Do Together?

Strength, Mobility, & Body Awareness

Get moving, get curious, and learn more about your body.  Movement for everyone!


Get upside down! Stay upside down!


Gymnastics style. Soft acrobatics. Creative tumbling.

Partner Acrobatics & Lindy Hop Air Steps

Standing acrobatics foundations. Rhythmic swing dancing tricks.

And How Can We Do It?

1:1 Sessions

Virtual and in-person in the Boston area

Small Group Sessions

Virtual and in-person in the Boston area


Check here for upcoming workshops!

I want to come to your circus studio, CrossFit box, dance studio, pole studio, school, or anywhere else my skillset can be of value! Please contact me for more information about the workshops I offer. 

Weekly Classes

Check here for more info about weekly classes!

More About My Coaching Style

I am a white, femme-presenting, neurodivergent, hypermobile, small-bodied, middle-class-raised human. No one can be distilled down to labels, but I do think sometimes they are important to name. I do my best to learn from my own lived experiences, and from the experiences of those different than me, so that I can create inclusive sessions, classes, workshops, and spaces. Here are some things that I strive for when I’m coaching…

I will:

  • Support your instincts
  • Support your autonomy
  • Leave room for you to say no
  • Ask you how things feel
  • Help you problem solve
  • Listen to you

I will not:

  • Talk about food or weight loss
  • Make comments about the way your body looks
  • Make assumptions about you
  • Impose systems on you that don’t work for you
  • Misgender you
  • Tell you that there’s only one right way to do something


I use sliding scale pricing whenever possible in an effort to make my offerings more accessible to more folks. If you are interested in working together please reach out to find out more about pricing.